Overview of PRORASO cosmetics

Overview of PRORASO cosmetics

Most men believe that simply not shaving is enough, and over time will grow a nice tidy beard. But if we grow a beard without doing it, we will get a shaggy bush from strength. Therefore, facial hair needs competent care. Having worked in this area for a long time, we made sure that it is rather difficult to purchase high-quality men’s cosmetics in a regular store.

Proraso cosmetics are one of the few brands that exclusively specialize in shaving and beard care products. This makes it popular both among men who take care of their appearance on their own, and among professional stylists working in Lviv barbershops.

Proraso differs in that it takes not the number of varieties of products, but its quality. These are creams, soaps and shaving foams, lotions, balms, special products for the beard and healing gels. All products are distributed by skin type, have an original formula and are made exclusively from natural ingredients of plant origin.

Cosmetics for real men Proraso: the history of the brand

The roots of the Proraso brand go back to 1908, when the energetic Italian Ludovico Martelli founded a company selling shaving products made according to proven family recipes. Since then, several generations of Martelli have changed. The company went beyond the borders of its native Florence, became popular throughout Italy, and subsequently hit the world market.

The main mission of the company is to adhere to the basic principles:

  • Using exclusively natural ingredients;
  • No scientific animal testing;
  • Respect for the classic shaving tradition.

It is this that has shaped the image of a reliable brand among consumers, which is trustworthy and guarantees uncompromising quality of men’s shaving cosmetics at a relatively reasonable price.

Basic collections of Proraso products

In our men’s hairdressing salon, the Proraso brand is represented by five different lines in terms of exposure method, smell, application method and color design:

  • The green line is the main classic collection with the usual masculine cold-menthol scent, the most versatile in use. Contains eucalyptus oil to cleanse and tone the skin and menthol, has a refreshing and healing effect.
  • Blue – moisturizing line. Ideal for close contact shavers. Recommended for hazardous razor users. Contains vitamin E, licorice and aloe extracts for a soothing and refreshing effect.
  • The red line is recommended for owners of stiff bristles. Contains Shea Seed Oil to soften and elasticize the skin. Sandalwood oil has soothing properties. For a soft shave, glycerin is introduced here. And coconut oil nourishes the skin and enhances all of the above actions. Thus, the rich formula of the red line helps to achieve a clean and deep shave with the bonus effect of nourishing and regeneration for very dry skin types.
  • The white line was developed for men with very sensitive skin. Fruity apple-lime flavors contain green tea, oat and thyme extracts. Lotions and creams of the white line relieve itching, soften and soothe the skin, as well as protect it from micro.
    The yellow line is nutritious. Contains cocoa butter, macadamia butter and shea butter for protective and regenerating functions. At the moment, the yellow line is represented only by shaving foam. But what an impressive effect on your skin!

Proraso products are a true Italian legend for those who love solidity and consistency!