Hairstyle Fade – it’s easy to be stylish

Fade (English Fade) – stylish men’s haircut with history. The main advantage of a haircut is its versatility: Fade is suitable for any type of face, hair length, clothing style, height. A Fade haircut looks neat, provides courage, and goes equally well with classic, casual or sporty styles.

Types of men’s haircuts Fade

тренд стрижка фейд

Dreaming of an unusual and stylish hairstyle? Fade is an original solution for both young guys and status men. It is important to look fashionable and tidy at any age!

There are several varieties of Feydeau, depending on the transition zone from short hair to longer:

  • Low (Low Fade)

Hair is shortened deep at the back of the head, the length of the upper part can be any. The shortened part begins noticeably lower, the transition from long to short is even less noticeable. This haircut is especially suitable for beard wearers.

  • Medium (Mid Fade)

This form looks the most masculine and will allow you to stand out from the crowd. The hair on the sides and back is removed very shortly, the transition does not begin with the ears. The general appearance of the haircut is laconic, the lines are strictly and precisely. To emphasize your individuality, the front strands of hair can be combed back, parting (shaved), or styling products with different effects.

  • High (High Fade)

Provides a strong contrast between short and long hair. The option is fashionable, bold, even extravagant. The transition line runs about five centimeters from the top of the head or higher, this explains the name “high”.

  • Scissor Fade

Such hairstyles for guys require a very high level of skill, because they are performed with scissors without using a machine. Scissor Fade looks stylish and neat. Thanks to the cutting technique used, the shape looks very natural.

  • Long Fade

Men’s hairstyles similar to your favorite undercut are very popular this season. With this interpretation, short hair smoothly goes down to “zero”. The haircut can be low or high, combined with a beard, neat stubble or a clean shaven face. Any styling will look great.

Who is the Fade haircut suitable for?

Fade has an elegant look with wide cheekbones. Laying to the side will look harmonious with a business suit or office style. Light clutter complements a casual or sporty look.

In general, the Fade haircut is a universal shape with many variations. The choice of haircuts in barbershops in Lviv depends on the preferences of the person, his usual style of clothing. When visiting a men’s hairdressing salon, you should listen to the master. The experience and knowledge of the stylist will help you choose just such a hairstyle that will look great taking into account the type of hair, face shape and other individual characteristics.