About Barbershop Schwager

Schwager is a barbershop who creates a style for gentlemen. Modern haircuts in the performance of our specialists are suitable for men who are attentive to their appearance and know exactly what they want from life. We are able to meet the high requirements for products and work, we can create a pleasant atmosphere.

Barbershop services:

  • the usual haircut
  • beard styling
  • shaving
  • hair styling, etc.

Here necessarily is what you are looking for.

Schwager – Men’s Hairdressing salon in Lviv with highly developed family values.

We respect men who are an example for children in the formation of their own style. The “Father and Son” service is designed to have all the opportunities for a comfortable time together.

The whole family will appreciate and remember, because we are responsible for quality and tools, we use only a specialized cosmetics that is suitable for your hair type.


  • 1000+ new haircuts monthly
  • 5 top masters that will gladly spend 30 minutes in the company with you (we know that customers come to specific specialists, not in a hairdressing)
  • Children’s and adult haircuts
  • Ability to entertain yourself in standby mode

Be sure, except a high-quality-new image, you will receive a complete case advantage and abundance.


In Barbershop, you are about 30 minutes. Do you want to find out what you will receive this Blessed Time?

The combination of a gangster style with a Hard Rock industry – this created a unique atmosphere of a male institution. Cinematographic lighting, aesthetics of design, laconic geometry – you see this, then you see your haircut and automatically make booking in 20 days. And, you know, Schwager makes to come back only confident men.


Want, let’s talk about brand mission? Symbiosis of unclear – a step to self-affirmation! Schwager – Barbershop, helping men to comprehend this truth. Schwager – your place of relaxation and genuine male pleasure. That pleasure you want to feel with only one brand.

Here she, the true philosophy of Barbershop. The visit here is not an ordinary haircut, but a whole ritual. For your style, rest, enjoyment.


Our addresses:

⁃ street. J. Washington, 8

⁃ street. Gorodok, 300.


Phone: 096 219 6766